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  • Ukraine Defence Ministry confirms that six armoured personel carriers seized by pro- Russian forces on Wednesday (Reuters)
  • An Egyptian court sentenced 119 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood to three years each in prison on Wednesday


  • Agora

    Written and directed by Alejandro Amenabar (think Vanilla Sky, think The Others) with a budget of… 12/10/09 17:07 CET


  • Philips’ results surprise

    Philips Electronics managed better than expected third-quarter results as its cost-cutting measures… 12/10/09 20:43 CET




  • Fuelling the future with wood

    People have burnt logs for heat since the dawn of time but new techniques mean that the humble tree… 12/10/09 21:22 CET



  • Markets: 12th October

    European stocks finished at three week highs up over one percent. Philips unexpectedly good… 12/10/09 20:43 CET


  • Dinosaur footprints

    This may look like an ordinary country lane but two amateur fosil hunters discovered a set of… 12/10/09 17:07 CET

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