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  • The Netherlands will support sanctions if Russia continues to arm Ukraine rebels, says Dutch Prime Minister (Reuters)
  • Norway police on alert amid reports of an Islamist group heading to the country with the aim of planning a terror attack (Reuters)
  • Diplomats say EU ambassadors have asked European Commission to draw up legal text to impose sanctions on Russia, no final agreement yet to impose them
  • Jordanian Air Force says it has shot down an unidentified drone near the country’s northeastern border with Syria (Reuters)


  • Leipzig and Kiev Film Festivals

    The Molodist Film Festival – featuring work by young film directors – has opened in the Ukrainian… 28/10/09 17:00 CET





  • Harnessing Irish wave power

    The Atlantic coast of Ireland has some of the highest concentrations of wave power in the world. If… 28/10/09 17:00 CET

  • Spiderbot is coming!

    At the Ben Gurion University in Israel, researchers have obviously been reading comics because… 28/10/09 12:11 CET

le mag

  • Mellow Yello

    Swiss cult band Yello are back with a new album which they launched at a 3D virtual concert in a… 28/10/09 15:33 CET


  • European shares fall

    European shares have fallen to their lowest level in three weeks after data showed an unexpected… 28/10/09 19:11 CET


  • Terrorism threat in Mauritania

    Mauritania, a large country next to the Atlantic Ocean, a vast expanse made up of desert, the sand… 28/10/09 18:12 CET


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