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  • Dozens of casualties reported in attack in China’s Xinjiang region (Reuters)
  • Moscow accuses Kiev forces of firing assault rifles and grenade launchers into Russian territory (Reuters)
  • Mehdi Nemmouche, suspect in the murder of four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, has been extradited to Belgium (Reuters)


  • Trichet’s final curtain

    Jean-Claude Trichet was the captain at the helm of the European Central Bank for eight years. At… 21/10/11 16:57 CET






  • Class size matters

    We look at the issue of class sizes, with reports from the UK and Italy, and talk to Matthew… 21/10/11 10:57 CET

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  • Greek policemen on fire

    Policemen are set ablaze on fire by a petrol bomb thrown by protesters during clashes near the… 21/10/11 12:40 CET



  • Underdogs with teeth

    After two pool play defeats and an indifferent semi final victory over Wales, France have been… 21/10/11 18:42 CET

  • Wallabies beat Wales to third place

    Australia beat Wales 21-18 in a scrappy encounter at Eden Park on Friday morning to win third place… 21/10/11 17:37 CET

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