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  • A member of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s human rights advisory council says she considers Russia’s actions in Ukraine an invasion – REUTERS
  • Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says Russian military invasion has taken place in Ukraine, cancels working trip to Turkey – Presidential website
  • Ebola death toll: WHO says the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has taken 1,552 lives out of 3,069 known cases in four countries. Says actual number of cases may be “two-to four-fold higher than currently reported” – REUTERS
  • Ukraine: Rebel leader Zakharchenko says around 3,000 volunteers from Russia are serving in rebel ranks. Says rebels can defeat Ukrainian military without help from Russian state – REUTERS
  • Ebola: Doctor in Nigerian oil industry hub Port Harcourt dies from Ebola virus, infected by a man linked to the first case who evaded quarantine – Nigerian Health Ministry
  • UEFA president Michel Platini says he will not challenge Sepp Blatter for FIFA presidency next year
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As I wander around Davos the song ‘Climb Every Mountain’ has lodged itself firmly in my head. Although it is driving me slowly mad its relevance is certainly not lost on me. Against the backdrop of the most beautiful snowy peaks the talk here is all about the uphill struggle the world faces to get back on track.

From the people I have spoken to there seems to be consensus that Europe is just about back on track but that complacency is not an option. The uncertainty in the US is causing many a headache and furrowed brow.

On another note entirely we interviewed the spokesperson for security in Davos who seemed very keen to get the message across that security is relatively relaxed in Davos. As we made our way to the media centre today we were stopped at checkpoints and watched over by snipers on rooftops. We passed dozens of armed police and had our bags thoroughly searched when we finally arrived!

Pretty relieved they are taking it easy!

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