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  • Putin’s spokesman says developments in Ukraine raise very serious questions about legitimacy of May 25 presidential election (Reuters)
  • The Czech Republic and Slovakia are sceptical about imposing broad-based sanctions on Russia, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka says (Reuters)
  • Russian defence minister says military starting drills near Ukraine border in response to Ukraine escalation, reports Reuters, citing Interfax.
  • EU considers ban on financial transactions with banks in Crimea, says Reuters, citing an EU document it has obtained.

Three people have died in Queensland as the remnants of Tropical Cyclone Oswald continue to wreak havoc in eastern Australia.

More than one metre of rain has fallen in the state in a twenty-four hour period.

People living in Sydney have been warned to expect torrential downpours as the ex-tropical cyclone moves slowly down the New South Wales coast.

This latest extreme weather system follows the cyclone that began in the Gulf of Carpentaria near northern Australia 10 days ago.

Homes are being evacuated across the Queensland.

The state capital, Brisbane, has been hit hard: around 200,000 houses are without electricity and many roads are closed.

In the Queensland city of Bundaberg, 300 kilometres north of Brisbane, 1,200 properties have been flooded and helicopters have been used to rescue 18 people from their rooftops.

In the small beach town of Mooloolaba, Queensland, weather conditions have churned sea water producing foam on the land.

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