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Presented by Isabelle Kumar

French author challenges his readers to ‘do it!‘
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The French-Jewish writer Marek Halter is an all-round intellectual and human rights activist. From humble beginnings he transformed his life through a mixture of ambition, talent and courage.

Since arriving in France with his family in 1950, he has climbed the social ladder and made many friends in high places. He recently published a new book ‘Do It!’ and talked to euronews about power, democracy and human rights.

Speaking with I-talk’s Isabel Kumar about his reasons for writing the book, Halter described French people as perhaps the most pessimistic in the world: “They are even more pessimistic than the Israelis who are still at war. So there’s something wrong. That’s why I wanted to shake them, tell them: do it! Move it!”

When asked about the person who has most inspired him, he named Golda Meir, Israel’s fourth prime minister. He told euronews: “Maybe it’s because she was a woman, a strong old lady. Perhaps she best understood that, at first, our lives depend on us. And maybe that is also why she somehow became a grandmother figure to me.”

‘Do it!’ is published in French as’ Faites-le!’.

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