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Father and son living in Vietnamese jungle 40 years after fleeing war
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A father and son who have been living in the jungle since fleeing their village during the Vietnam war are being eased back into society.

According to Vietnamese media, the father, Ho Van Thanh, escaped from Tra Kem village in Quang Ngai province near Hanoi, with his two year old son, Ho Van Lang, after the area was bombed by the Americans, killing his wife and two other sons.

The father and son were apparently spotted by local villagers who described them as “jungle men.”

82 year old Thanh and 41 year old Lang had lived in a makeshift home in the trees, apparently surviving on wild rice and foraging for fruit and vegetables,

One Vietnamese newspaper is reporting that another son, who was three months old at the time of the bombing, knew the whereabouts of his father and brother and would visit them once a year. In 2004 he had apparently tried to get them to live with him but the pair had preferred to live in the jungle.

According to media reports, officials say the father speaks a small amount of the local dialect but his son knows only a few words.

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