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  • The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Poland had violated the European Convention on Human Rights by allowing the CIA to detain two al Qaeda suspects on Polish territory
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Iranian opposition leaders in fourth year of house arrest

17/07 20:54 CET

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  1. 09/10/2013Michael Barnier says creating free trade deal with US could take three years
  2. 04/10/2013Romano Prodi: EU ‘sleepwalking’ through crisis
  3. 03/10/2013Taiwan’s President Ma on boosting trade with EU and disarming regional disputes
  4. 30/09/2013Mikati says Lebanon ‘won’t close door in Syrians’ faces’ – but cash questionable
  5. 06/09/2013NATO secretary general says chemical attacks in Syria “can’t go unanswered”
  6. 02/09/2013Syria’s deputy foreign minister on accusations over chemical weapons
  7. 01/09/2013Faysal Al-Mikdad Interview Part One
  8. 01/09/2013Faysal Al-Mikdad Interview Part Two
  9. 01/09/2013Syria’s deputy foreign minister on accusations over chemical weapons
  10. 27/08/2013Jesse Jackson assesses Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech 50 years on
  11. 09/08/2013Cécile Kyenge on racist attacks and obstacles to change
  12. 06/08/2013Roberto Azevêdo: “WTO needs to modernise to survive”
  13. 01/08/2013What is the European Stability Mechanism?
  14. 08/07/2013‘Our European future should be acknowledged’ says Moldovan PM Iurie Leanca
  15. 02/07/2013Buzz Aldrin’s mission to Mars
  16. 28/06/2013Tunisia’s Larayedh predicts democratic progress
  17. 26/06/2013Doha talks are not dead: Lamy
  18. 25/06/2013Martin Amis on the ‘terrorism of alienation’
  19. 17/06/2013President of Lithuania – next EU budget ‘very, very hot’ issue
  20. 15/06/2013Cameron tells euronews: ‘The EU is not working properly and needs reform’
  21. 14/06/2013Growth the key in Europe says Portuguese president
  22. 12/06/2013German Labour minister proud of Merkel’s legacy
  23. 04/06/2013‘We need to reestablish tax fairness’ says French minister
  24. 04/06/2013‘Iran’s disinherited may clash with bourgeoisie’
  25. 31/05/2013Cyprus says no to ‘blackmail’
  26. 23/05/2013Trichet, call it ‘austerity’ or ‘danger control’
  27. 16/05/2013Mali’s Traoré promises to spend donor euros well
  28. 14/05/2013Georgia seeks reset with Russia
  29. 06/05/2013Audrey Tautou: French national treasure
  30. 20/04/2013Rafa Nadal: the comeback kid
  31. 19/04/2013The art of beating the economic crisis
  32. 21/03/2013Valdis Dombrovskis on Latvia’s fearless path to euro
  33. 20/03/2013How to save the euro
  34. 18/03/2013Julia Kristeva – Pope needs self-confidence and faith to fulfill mission
  35. 15/03/2013Tehran’s top human rights official says some Iranian laws need reforming
  36. 15/03/2013‘Vatican Bank is a law unto itself’
  37. 08/03/2013Lamborghini: from nought to 50
  38. 23/02/2013Lorenzo ready for new season
  39. 22/02/2013What next for the Vatican? Church opinion leaders speak out
  40. 21/02/2013Lock, stock and one smoking Beppe Grillo
  41. 21/02/2013‘What took centuries to create in Italy was degraded in a very short time’
  42. 19/02/2013Bersani: ‘Berlusconi’s Italy crippled the very idea of Europe’
  43. 15/02/2013Maria Grazia Cucinotta on Italy, fashion and a magic wand
  44. 11/02/2013Zeffirelli: ‘Italy neglects its responsibility’ to the world
  45. 08/02/2013Hulk, Russia and racism
  46. 06/02/2013Arab Spring becoming an Islamist Winter, says Israel’s Ayalon
  47. 04/02/2013‘Nuclear weapons against our beliefs’ says Iran’s foreign minister
  48. 22/01/2013Mohamed al-Zawahiri: “Westerners ‘will burn first’ over Mali”
  49. 20/01/2013Brzezinski: Europe needs forward-looking leaders
  50. 18/01/2013Rasmussen: ‘No role for NATO in Mali’
  51. 17/01/2013Irish PM warns UK that EU exit would be ‘catastrophic’
  52. 16/01/2013Exclusive: Berlusconi rails against EU leaders
  53. 03/01/2013Constitution ‘divisive’ says Egyptian opposition’s Hamdeen Sabahy
  54. 21/12/2012Amr Moussa: Participation in political debate key to Egypt’s future
  55. 20/12/2012EU-Russia: different views
  56. 14/12/2012Can cycling shake off the shame of doping?
  57. 13/12/2012Ebadi speaks for Sotoudeh: support Iran’s dissidents in every way possible
  58. 07/12/2012Delors: Nobel prize rewards everyone in Europe
  59. 30/11/2012Trading during crisis time
  60. 20/11/2012First Afghan boxer ‘fights for peace’
  61. 16/11/2012Prandelli does it his way ahead of 2014
  62. 15/11/2012Madhav Chavan wins WISE Prize
  63. 09/11/2012‘Film and cameras are weapons’ – Iranian director Bahman Ghobadi
  64. 02/11/2012Deschamps: ‘The players need to give more to the team’
  65. 31/10/2012Iker Casillas and Xavi Hernandez, the Princes of Sport
  66. 30/10/2012Russia’s economy set for growth?
  67. 24/10/2012Felix Baumgartner: life on the edge
  68. 19/10/2012Inside cycling with Philippe Gilbert
  69. 18/10/2012Orange won’t be squeezed says Richard
  70. 15/10/2012Antonio Tajani on SMEs, strategy and new economy
  71. 12/10/2012US Security Chief ‘never satisfied’
  72. 09/10/2012‘We need to bring immediate end to the violence in Syria’ Ban Ki-moon
  73. 05/10/2012Ferrari boss wants better future for his country
  74. 03/10/2012George Papandreou: The future of Greece
  75. 26/09/2012PM confident Bulgaria will beat energy dependency
  76. 21/09/2012Matteo Manassero: The future of Italian golf
  77. 14/09/2012ILO leader calls for urgent action on Youth unemployment
  78. 13/09/2012Stiglitz warns Europe: don’t mimic US
  79. 12/09/2012NATO chief talks to euronews on 9/11 anniversary
  80. 31/08/2012A Scottish separatist takes stock
  81. 31/08/2012Scotland and the UK: Better Together?
  82. 29/08/2012Viviane Reding, Vice President of the European Commission: “Democracy is not an easy endeavour”
  83. 22/08/2012French Socialists ‘don’t want austerity’
  84. 21/08/2012Full Interview with Israeli PM spokesman Mark Regev
  85. 21/08/2012Israel says “all options on the table” over Iran
  86. 24/07/2012Victor Ponta: ‘Romania is a democracy’
  87. 20/07/2012Italy: towards deeper European integration
  88. 04/07/2012Cyprus in the EU spotlight
  89. 29/06/2012Aviation in times of crisis
  90. 22/06/2012“We need EU membership” – FYR Macedonia’s president
  91. 19/06/2012António Guterres: “we’re witnessing human suffering on an epic scale”
  92. 19/06/2012António Guterres: “we’re witnessing human suffering on an epic scale”
  93. 15/06/2012Luis Moreno Ocampo: being a prosecutor was a great privilege
  94. 14/06/2012Jakob Kellenberger, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross
  95. 08/06/2012Leoluca Orlando: Palermo’s anti-Mafia mayor
  96. 04/06/2012‘Queen hardly put a foot wrong in 60 years’ – Cameron
  97. 01/06/2012Bernard Henri Levy: The Benghazi of today is Homs
  98. 31/05/2012Jeremy Rifkin and ‘lateral power’ energy
  99. 24/05/2012Beppe Grillo explains
  100. 23/05/2012Farhadi – self-censorship ‘real danger’ for Iranian filmmakers
  101. 16/05/2012Timofti denies Russian radar plans for Moldovan border
  102. 15/05/2012Rehn: ‘Greece will be in the euro next year’
  103. 12/05/2012No dictatorship in Ukraine says prime minister
  104. 11/05/2012Egyptian Presidential hopeful outlines his policies
  105. 10/05/2012Hamas leader on Syria and the EU
  106. 04/05/2012Keeping the peace in Lebanon
  107. 01/05/2012Michel Barnier: Banks should pay for banks
  108. 25/04/2012Tariq al-Hashimi, Iraqi Vice-President: ‘Iran is behind sectarian strife’
  109. 21/04/2012Michelle Bachelet: ‘Women are peacemakers’
  110. 20/04/2012Marek Halter: you don’t get democracy through the barrel of a gun
  111. 12/04/2012D’Alema: Merkel represents a ‘selfish Europe’
  112. 02/04/2012Turks have right to free movement in EU – Turkish FM
  113. 30/03/2012President Emomali Rahmon: There is no short-cut to democracy
  114. 28/03/2012“Cities play an important role for growth”
  115. 27/03/2012Senegal’s President Macky Sall gives first interview
  116. 22/03/2012Martin Schulz: ‘Different cultures are Europe’s great heritage’
  117. 15/03/2012Palestinian PM Fayyad on water and Israel
  118. 13/03/2012Larijani on Iran’s new democracy
  119. 08/03/2012Gorbachev reflects on course of modern Russia
  120. 08/03/2012Gorbachev urges Putin to usher in reforms
  121. 27/02/2012Mikhail Prokhorov: ‘This campaign could reveal some serious surprises’.
  122. 10/02/2012Egemen Bağış: ‘The EU must accept Turkey’
  123. 07/02/2012Tunisia’s Marzouki: ‘We want no Baath flag over our country’
  124. 03/02/2012Former Obama advisor talks of possible military action in Iran
  125. 25/01/2012IMF’s Lagarde: ’2012 a year of healing’
  126. 24/01/2012NATO’s Rasmussen: cuts herald defence sharing
  127. 23/01/2012Danish PM: What’s good for euro is good for Europe
  128. 18/01/2012Diplomats in the danger zone
  129. 13/01/2012Post revolution politics in Tunisia
  130. 03/01/2012Umberto Eco on charmer Berlusconi
  131. 20/12/2011Matan Vilnai: the man in charge of keeping Israel safe
  132. 16/12/2011Abbas ready to correct ‘errors’
  133. 14/12/2011UNESCO: ‘There are those that praise us, those that accuse us’
  134. 10/12/2011Monti: ‘not the birth of a 2-speed Europe’
  135. 07/12/2011Nobel laureate says euro zone ‘on edge of meltdown’
  136. 05/12/2011Habiba Sarabi: ‘Violence against women still a problem in Afghanistan’
  137. 02/12/2011The Arab League: We want to avoid any outside interference
  138. 29/11/2011The ‘green race’ to win back the environment
  139. 22/11/2011Soltanieh: ‘Do not threaten or try to use force against Iranians’
  140. 17/11/2011Romania ‘responsible and capable’
  141. 02/11/2011Catherine Ashton: time to put pressure on Syria
  142. 26/10/2011Carlos Slim: ‘I am not a monopoliser’
  143. 24/10/2011Haile Gebrselassie: ‘I will try to do the impossible’
  144. 20/10/2011Ukraine’s president defends Tymoshenko trial
  145. 14/10/2011Rehn: Tackling sovereign debt ‘first priority’
  146. 14/10/2011Rivlin: ‘Palestinians trying to impose peace’
  147. 12/10/2011Gérard Depardieu: a life in film
  148. 11/10/2011Tackling speculators on food prices
  149. 07/10/2011Heavyweight boxer takes on brutal world of politics
  150. 04/10/2011Turkish Cypriot leader: EU not sincere or impartial over Cyprus
  151. 28/09/2011Cyprus blasts Turkey over gas
  152. 27/09/2011Turkish deputy PM defiant in drilling row
  153. 21/09/2011Hamas: Palestinian reconciliation before UN recognition
  154. 15/09/2011‘Things will turn out well’ says Reynders on euro crisis
  155. 13/09/2011Delors: We can’t simply blame ‘the naughty Greeks’
  156. 08/09/2011Medvedev on Syria, Ukraine and Russian ethnic harmony
  157. 23/08/2011Shedding light on Libya’s uncertain future
  158. 19/08/2011Ben Shatwan says billions stolen in Libya
  159. 05/08/2011‘Europeans paying for their leaders mistakes’ – Ahmadinejad
  160. 04/08/2011Iranian leaders ‘fear they will follow Mubarak’
  161. 20/07/2011Role of the private sector in euro debt crisis
  162. 12/07/2011Moussa’s vision for Egypt
  163. 08/07/2011Bience Gawanas on women power in Africa
  164. 06/07/2011Europol’s Rob Wainwright – how safe are we?
  165. 24/06/2011Azerbaijan president’s perspective on Nagorno Karabakh impasse resolution
  166. 23/06/2011Fresh attempts to broker Nagorno-Karabakh deal
  167. 23/06/2011Difficult diplomacy as Armenia and Azerbaijan talk Nagorno Karabakh
  168. 10/06/2011Turkey: push for a new constitution
  169. 09/06/2011Tunisia, Egypt – a wake up call for Africa?
  170. 03/06/2011Serbia after Mladic arrest
  171. 01/06/2011‘Cool’ or ‘Better’? Iceland’s surreal comedian politician
  172. 31/05/2011Saakashvili: the West is only option
  173. 31/05/2011Gonçalo M. Tavares on man, machines and society
  174. 27/05/2011Poland: We want the euro
  175. 22/04/2011Financial ‘monsters’ threaten democracy
  176. 21/04/2011EXCLUSIVE – Abbas to EU: lead Mideast peace
  177. 15/04/2011China’s military ‘opening up’
  178. 05/04/2011‘Bunga bunga’ just a Berlusconi joke – Lele Mora
  179. 31/03/2011Tymoshenko: ‘I will never abandon Ukraine’
  180. 17/03/2011José Bové, ex-rebel now MEP
  181. 16/03/2011Exclusive: Saif al-Gaddafi ‘wants money back from Sarkozy’
  182. 04/03/2011Kyrgyzstan: Revolution politics
  183. 03/03/2011Mozambique seeks consensus on Ivory Coast
  184. 03/03/2011Iran’s foreign minister on protests and nukes
  185. 25/02/2011Frattini denies Italian support for Libyan rebels
  186. 18/02/2011Marine Le Pen next French President?
  187. 14/02/2011Iran’s ex-President Banisadr talks to euronews
  188. 10/02/2011Tunisia, Egypt and the Internet. Interview with Dominique Cardon
  189. 02/02/2011Thailand’s PM on protests and economic growth
  190. 28/01/2011Anti-drugs hesitation puzzles Colombia’s Santos
  191. 21/01/2011Tunisian opposition icon sees positive future
  192. 31/12/2010EXCLUSIVE – Ouattara aide voices ‘genocide’ fears
  193. 31/12/2010EXCLUSIVE – Gbagbo: “If these pressures continue, it will make confrontation more likely.”
  194. 23/12/2010Damien Hirst on art sharks and cash cows
  195. 17/12/2010Shirin Ebadi on human rights in Iran
  196. 12/12/2010Saviano: “The Mafia boosted Eastern Europe’s economy.”
  197. 10/12/2010Prince Faisal: Arab Thought Foundation 10 years on
  198. 10/12/2010NATO not fazed by WikiLeaks releases
  199. 08/12/2010Iran nuclear negotiator links scientist murder with UN
  200. 04/12/2010euronews interviews Taib Fassi Fihri
  201. 03/12/2010Greenpeace’s chief: ‘Stop gambling with kids’ future’
  202. 03/12/2010Israel’s friendship with Turkey is over – Gül
  203. 25/11/2010Israeli-Palestinian peace in US, UN hands, say Erekat and Beilin
  204. 19/11/2010“Dayton is still the root of what is wrong with Bosnia.”
  205. 10/11/2010Karel de Gucht: two to tango says EU trade chief
  206. 08/11/2010Turkey and EU need each other says Greens’ Cohn-Bendit
  207. 29/10/2010Human rights: judging the top judge
  208. 27/10/2010Interview with Herman Van Rompuy
  209. 21/10/2010UN head Ban Ki-moon talks to euronews
  210. 21/10/2010Amin Maalouf: World economy is not a casino
  211. 14/10/2010Tony Gatlif: Chain reaction fear over Roma expulsions
  212. 11/10/2010Economist Jeffrey Sachs warns of high price of ignoring poverty
  213. 08/10/2010‘Beach bum’ Robert Redford
  214. 04/10/2010Spanish national team manager Vicente del Bosque
  215. 02/10/2010Interview with Andrus Ansip before Estonia joins the Eurozone
  216. 29/09/2010The dreams of a flamenco artist
  217. 24/09/2010Roma rap: Meet Connect-R
  218. 24/09/2010Barroso outlines Europe’s stance on UN’s Millennium Development Goals
  219. 23/09/2010Jerzy Buzek, on EU law where Roma are affected
  220. 20/09/2010Juan de Dios Ramirez Heredia, Spanish Roma MEP
  221. 15/09/2010Exclusive Vatican interview as Pope visits UK
  222. 10/09/2010Interview with Brian Currin on ETA
  223. 31/08/2010Komorowski seeks greater EU involvement for Poland
  224. 24/08/2010Sam Pitroda: architect of India’s communications revolution
  225. 30/07/2010Kenya votes on constitutional change
  226. 27/07/2010Heinrich August Winkler on Europe, democracy and the financial crisis
  227. 23/07/2010Larijani speaks on Iran’s nuclear programme
  228. 15/07/2010Pablo Pacheco : “Raul Castro can be a man for change in Cuba”
  229. 14/10/2009Prince Albert of Monaco: ‘The Green Prince’
  230. 02/05/2008Founder of the reowned SIPA picture agency Göksin Sipahioglu

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