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  • UN chief says obstacle to ceasefire in Gaza is “political will” and its morally wrong” to allow violence to continue. (Reuters)
  • UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that parties to the conflict in Gaza have “expressed serious interest” in his request for a further 24 hour humanitarian ceasefire, but “have not yet agreed on the timing of its implementation.”
  • OSCE says international experts were unable to get to the airliner crash site in eastern Ukraine for second day because of security reasons (Reuters)


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  1. 20.01.14 by stefan.baumschlager

    hey euronews,

    generally loving the programming etc, but could you please kindly make sure that each feature in the news bulletin are available as standalone bulletin on your website so that one share it on social media, which will increase your reach and gain you more viewers.

    For instance I feel strongly about the protection of dolphins and your piece on the Japanese Dolphin hunt naturally struck a cord with me. I’d like to share it to make people aware of these inhuman practices and how best to do so with a link to your feature. Also might make other news networks make aware of the issue cause to be honest my first instinct after unsuccessfully searching for the video on your website was to give the BBC a try. Sadly they didn’t have anything on the matter either.

    Anyway, sounds like a win win to me, what I’m suggesting and of little resource deficit to you.


  2. 19.01.14 by dberninigr

    Dear Sirs
    I find the coverage of the disturbances in Bangkok misleading.
    The protesters are presented as “the opposition Democractic Party” without any further explanations: that they lost the last 3 elections, thet they are not democratic and their leader want to suppress the actual constitution to return to an authoritarian rule.

    The current leader has called for new democratic election for next February that the “opposition democratic party” is boycotting only because is destined to loose.

    Until now the protest has been relatively calm and non violent; but with the 3 dubious bomb attack of the last few days the “democratic opposition party” hopes to drag in the military and to start a violent campaign instead of simply accepting that they are not supported by the Thai people.


  3. 15.01.14 by granny02

    Most speak of NATO and the USA helping in other countries against Terrorists, but overlooks the fact they themselves help create terrorism, by excusing what Israel does, and the Drones sent by the USA.

  4. 30.12.13 by granny02

    Just wonder if the countries that are targeted by the supposed terrorists, are really done because these countries refuse to take orders from another more powerful one and not the teorrists getting blamed?,

  5. 27.12.13 by granny02

    The tunultous turmoil that has taken place again in the world , thoughts go first to the US where it all seems to have escalated dozens of times over since 2002, all over the world.

  6. 26.12.13 by petru_yanish


    Good Evening euronews…................,
    The naming of a new prime minister in Tunis,to head the next government,is indeed good news,but
    it seems that not all Tunisians favour him-especially the Opposition political parties.Many have called for a prime minister outside the ruling Troika,but this is only an alternative.The Secretary-General of the C.G.T.T,Tunisia’s largest labour union has said that this was the outcome that the Toika,the opposition parties and the Quartet which mediated between them has reached.Yet not all the opposition parties had participated in such negotiations for a new prime minister.
    The question of a new Tunisian constitution is in the balance.Many Tunisians say that it should not
    differ much from the first republican constitution of 1959,and which was modified under the authoritarian presidencies of the late president Habib Bourguiba,and the deposed Zine Al-Abeedine
    Ben Ali.Yet the current interim president Mohammed Al -Moncef al-Marzouki as well as the Toika,
    and the Opposition political parties inside the National Constituent Assembly,and outside are for
    a deomocratic constitution that does not favour authoritarian presidencies.
    On the Tunisian streets the image is far different.Many respected Tunisian youths say that the Jasmine Revolution has indeed been robbed,from the Tunisians who were outside the country,that is
    the the Tunisian oppositionists living in Western Europe and elsewhere.
    The high rate of unemployment,a weak economy,terrorism, and an unpredectable thriving tourism,all
    are worrying and pressing issues on the minds of those Tunisians who want good for their country.
    The National Constituent Assembly is studying the release of a new budget for the country with
    the participation of Chadli al-Ayari,the Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia.Al-Ayari is a Tunisian
    patriot but not all Tunisians understand him when it comes to Finance and the Economy.Things need to change to the better.
    Happy Christmas euronews.

  7. 26.12.13 by skystarsmoon

    The terror campaign in Ukraine must be stopped. The NATO, the USA and the EU must act.
    Yanukovichi will never catch the guilty because he is behind this terror campaign.

  8. 26.12.13 by skystarsmoon

    I hope the NATO will travel to its member states, surrounding Ukraine, such as Poland, to make a speech and send a clear single that the NATO will act if any country commit a crime against humanity.
    This is the NATO’s moral responsibility! Because human rights are universal!
    No country can be allowed to close its door to bully and slaughter its people. Now is 21st century!
    The crackdown is highly likely to happen. The NATO, the USA and the EU should prevent it from occurring. When you are at warm and happy home with your family, enjoying comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere, spending Christmas and the New Year’s Day, Please don’t forget our European brothers and sisters, Ukrainian people, who are braving the severe freezing weather and tiredness to fight for their bright future-European integration.
    Please send the best Christmas and the New Year’s Day’s wished to the demonstrators on Independence Square!

  9. 24.12.13 by petru_yanish


    Good Morning to all who work at euronews…................,
    Today marks the 62nd anniversary of Libyan Independence-that independence that had a meaning
    before the military coup of September 1969,a day when many Libyans then would be rejoicing sincerely.
    This is the second year that the Libyans are celebrating such an occasion,after the ex-authoritarian
    regime barred them from doing so for 42 years.It was not a regime that eleminated reason,but a regime that destroyed everything that was Libyan.It destroyed the morale and the morals in the Libyans,as well as patriotism.Many Libyans even after they toppled the previous regime,are not
    interested in celebrating such an event.This is a truth and nobody can deny it.Apart from the Libyan
    television channels,the atmosphere is not sincere on the Libyan streets.It is an atmosphere of hypocrisy.
    While many foreign channels are focusing on Christmas festivities these days,let alone that today
    is Christmas Eve on the Christian Calendar,we see that it is a must to remind those Foreigners,that
    without foreigners’ help,Libyan independence could not have been achieved on the 24th of December
    1951.After Italy occupied the Libyan territories from October 1911 to May 1943,and from May 1943
    to November 1949 under British and French Military Administrations,the United Nations passed a
    resolution encouraging Libyans to become independent not later than January 1952.The United Nations named Dutchman Adrian Pelt to be the United Nations High Commissioner for the country,
    and encouraged the Libyans to work with him in enacting a modern constitution;thus the United Libyan Kingdom was born with King Idris I as its first ruler on independence day.It was him who
    proclaimed Libyan Independence.We must also thank Britain and the United States who vowed to
    guarantee that Independence.
    Today that country is in a rubble.We followed euronews’ interview with the interim prime minister
    Ali Zeydan,and all foregners agree that his government is weak,even though a new consitution is in
    the tube after the committee of sixty is being elected to enact it.Britain,the United States and France have a big job in encouraging the Libyans to enact a modern democratic consitution,and where a decent political life must exist,where freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and civil liberities thrive.
    The country is abundant in oil but the people are not benefitting from it properly.There is still wide-spread corruption in the country and theft is at its apex.Salaries are still chicken-feed ones,compared with salaries in other oil-producing states.The borders with Chad and Niger are porous borders and thousands of thousands of Sub-saharan Africans penetrate them to go to
    the north of the country,in the absence of Libyan patriotism and the love for one’s country.The
    challenges ahead are enourmous and in the absence of patriotism nothing can be possible.People
    have to re-unite again
    Happy Christmas euronews and thank you very much.

  10. 14.12.13 by design1963


    Just a comment: regarding the date of the John Lennon shooting: some reports seem to have the wrong year?

    I was in USA in 1981, and that was the year he was shot. I remember, as I heard about it in 1981: which was the year I was in Texas as an exchange student, so there is no way I can see that I have got it wrong. Just an observation.

    Katrina Wood

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