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  1. 03.12.13 by giu.ghica

    I have noticed lately that your brilliant cultural magazine LE MAG presents in majority subjects connected to cultural events happening outside of Europe (Pakistan, Azerbaidjian, Marocco, etc)... This is extremely colorfull and interesting, of course, but I am puzzled on why there aren’t ANYMORE reports from other important Film or Music Festivals IN EUROPE, for example, as you had in previous years (Thessaloniki, Athens, Mannheim, Annecy, Paris Photo, Talinn, Toulouse, Bucharest, etc). To me and certainly to other European viewers these European subjects would be of great interest and they have been almost totally avoided by your programs. I consider it is a non inspired option and I deeply hope we shall see more European subjects soon again.

  2. 01.12.13 by roger

    To-day euronews shows us demonstrations in Ukraine. Poor ignorant people think that everything is pink and sunny in Europe.

    However, I understand the Ukrainians who don’t want to be the slaves of Europe, obliged to import goods from Europe and unable to export anything. I travelled in Ukraine few years ago, and I met very noble people in Donetsk, Dniepropetrovsk, etc. They surely don’t wish to become desperate, hopeless, as people in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Marseilles, Napoli, etc.

    Ukrainians who think they could have extravagant jobs in Europe where there is so much unemployment should look whah happened to Romanians, Bulgarians who are still humbling themselves at Western European doors. And Poland is obliged to leak western boots, participating to surrealistic wars in Afghanistan or installing missiles against North Korea (!...) in their country; they only receive contempt and sniggers for that.

    When I visited Ukraine I saw an incredibly rich country (fertile soil, minerals, forests, sea resorts, big rivers, labour forces, etc.). Of course European bosses wish seize this treasure – for themselves, not for the greater good of the Ukrainians. It is obvious that proud Ukrainians don’t want to put their panties down, receiving nothing else than friendly little taps.

  3. 27.11.13 by granny02

    It’s no surprise that the US is provoking China, AGAIN, because the US is determind to occupy the OIL in the South China Seas. I wonder if this is the reason to take troops out of Afghanistan for another false flag war?????....just wondering.

  4. 07.11.13 by design1963

    Medical toning? I am middle aged and don’t watch the actress Paris Hilton but I saw her the title ‘working it’ and it reminded me of something that can also do the same thing: ‘leg fascilations’ (spelling probably wrong: nerves in lower spine causing legs to arch and lower back to arch). It happenned to me once after going to a doctor (in NZ) for vanity reasons: I’d asked about liposuction for legs (and few other questions) and I did not get it done, as too expensive and I really didn’t need it anyway, but I thought I’d ask anyway. It was about 7 years ago (about 2006 or 2007) and on his way out the doctor said: ‘Anything else I can do for you?’ . Then later that day, I got, for the first time in my life, nerve reactions in my legs which causes pelvic arching, just like shown at start of this video. After that, I had very nicely toned legs for about a week, but also lower back was slightly curved and back pain. I am sure the doctor had not some remote method for causing nicely toned legs, and I never went back or told him about it, as I had only seen this person once so I hope it is not violating privacy to make this comment. But, it was incredible. My lower spine was actually slightly bent inwards after it. It is maybe too crude to say or print, but there are more ways than one of ‘working it.‘

  5. 25.10.13 by alexdory900

    You have no coverage of Romanian situation during the last two months regarding the social unrest and mass protests about government interest in cyanide mining / shale gas ( Wide protests in many cities with up to 10000 protesters in each city and across Europe in front of embassies ) . Most conventional media is bough with huge commercial contracts from the mining company , part of the ministry of culture is sacked and all technical committees are disregarded , in favor of a political decision . The majority of people involved in the decision are confirmed / suspected of bribes and affiliation . The prime minister urges the forces to violently intervene but the protesters give them no opportunity . I didn’t see anything regarding this on euronews , why is that ?

  6. 23.10.13 by zhovtanbg

    Good morning, euronews!

    Delighted to see new design of your forecast message. Air flow indication brings some fresh wind into your sails.

    Unfortunately, my hometown Varna has been omitted from the chart. Thus total Black sea coast is only represesnted by Odessa ;((

    Believe you did not wish to bring in this kind of discrimination?

  7. 11.09.13 by granny02

    If Syria has to give up their Chemical weapons so SHOULD the UNITED STATES and ISRAEL who both have used Chemicals against people,... also Saudi Arabia , the EU. and all others should have—- NO Chemicals—- Either. The US is demanding Syria and the muslim countries the US and Israel intend to strike, like Iran and won’t be able to defend themselves against the mighty Drones.

  8. 28.08.13 by soyuz11

    David Cameron is obviously not satisfied with interfering in northern African countries such as Libya. Now he is on another crusade re Syria. David Cameron ought to consult his history books.
    The British government, the major puppet of the USA, has not learnt anything from involving itself in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    It seems to me that Cameron is endeavouring to leave his mark on history by meddling in as many Arab affairs as possible, at the same time trying to drag the rest of Europe along with him. Britain is no longer a great imperial power and should keep out of ALL Arab affairs. At the end of the day he will get no thanks from the Arab world, which ought to be allowed to sort out its own political religious conflicts by itself, no matter how much bloodshed there is/will be.

  9. 28.08.13 by named08

    After the Brazilian people protests that started with a rise in bus fares and turned into general dissatisfaction with the Brazilian government, the president has changed the focus of the protest into another protest with the governments “solution” for the appalling health system. The Brazilian government hired thousands of Cuban doctors to work in the countryside of Brazil earning a salary of over R$ 10.000,00 per month, which now, the rumours are that 60% of it will be given to the Cuban government. By the end of the month, Cuba is going to receive from the Brazilian government more than R$ 24.000.000,00!!!!
    Why is no one talking about it on the international news?

  10. 12.08.13 by mihk70

    Can you please explain to me why euronews find the fact that 1000 new home approved in the Israeli territories(in areas that the palestinians have already agreed would be in the land swaps during previous negotiations) is hammered into the viewers but failed to mention that the ‘prisoners’ that were demanded before any further talks would be held are ALL convicted murderers or accessory’s to murder. 35 dead Israeli’s including palestinian Israeli’s, who were abducted and tortured before they were murdered by the way. Thats not news worthy ? might change the perspective of the story a bit to much ? Come on euronews grow a set and stop editing out information, your supposed to report the news not manipulate it

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