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  1. 13.05.13 by granny02

    Turkey should know by now, as most countries do, that the attack on Turkey was a false flag to blame Syria. The US & ISRAEL are trying to force Turkey into also attacking Syria.

  2. 29.04.13 by granny02

    The more is read concerning Syria , the more the finger points to the 2 countries that intend to gain the most, and that is to conquer all land to get to their objective,...IRAN… many more will die because of hate and greed?? many more will be Droned???

  3. 26.04.13 by roupenm

    Syrians want peace first and not arms. One person’s life is more valuable than all the revolutions.

  4. 23.04.13 by roupenm

    Dear euronews editor and readers
    About the Syrian power struggle please re-consider the kidnapping of the senior clerics Yohanna Ibrahim and Paul Yazigi. The statement “It’s not clear who is responsible” is not the exact picture of the situation. When terrorism is viewed as a threat to human freedoms and is strongly knocked down in some countries, we can see the dilute wording in addressing same in others. Please take a stance for the interest of the Syrian people and encourage the disclosing of what is actually happening in this country. Please encourage the dialog and peaceful solutions. Please do not evade from facts. We encourage you to be the image of free Europe.

  5. 23.04.13 by petru_yanish


    Good Morning euronews…..............,
    This June marks the sixtieth anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I I ‘s coronation.Last year there were celebrations to commemorate her succession
    to the British Throne,but let us not forget that Her Majesty was officially crowned
    a queen only on the 2nd of June 1953-a historic coronation.
    We wonder if the media would also mark a historic occasion,and if there would be
    any festivities at all.
    Thank you very much euronews.

  6. 20.04.13 by eugenedaniel

    According to your Reporter Cyprus has been divided for nearly 40 years.

    It is actually for 50 years now, as it started in 1963/64 where the island was ethnically cleansed between Greek & Turk, not just when Turkey invaded and illegally occupied in 1974 the northern 39% portion.

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