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  • Four journalists taken hostage in Syria are free and in good health, says French president Francois Hollande, according to AFP
  • Putin tells Russian TV he has good personal relations with incoming NATO chief Stoltenberg (Reuters)
  • Putin says Russia will award state medals to some Russian servicemen involved in Crimea operation (Reuters)
  • Putin says there is nothing to prevent normalisation of relations between Russia and West, but it depends on West (Reuters)


 Group Stage Playoffs
  Czech Rep.
  Faroe Islands
  Northern Ireland
  Rep. of Ireland
  San Marino
 Group A PldWDLFAPts

 Group B PldWDLFAPts
 Czech Rep.1043313915

 Group C PldWDLFAPts
 Rep. of Ireland10424161714
 Faroe Islands100194291

 Group D PldWDLFAPts

 Group E PldWDLFAPts

 Group F PldWDLFAPts
 Northern Ireland101459177

 Group G PldWDLFAPts

 Group H PldWDLFAPts
 San Marino1000101540

 Group I PldWDLFAPts

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