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  • Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says the situation in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine is difficult but controllable (Interfax). A Ukrainian military spokesman added that Ukrainian forces have enough troops to stop Mariupol being seized – REUTERS
  • The UN says 43 peacekeepers in Golan Heights were detained by an armed group in Syria on Thursday. The UN is working for their release – REUTERS
  • Russia’s foreign ministry says sanctions imposed on the country by Switzerland are unfounded and are copying unfriendly steps by the US and EU – REUTERS
  • US President Barack Obama is to meet the National Security team at the White House on Thursday to discuss Islamic State, Iraq and Syria – WHITE HOUSE OFFICIAL
  • Poland’s Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski calls Russia’s movements in Ukraine “aggression”, says this is the most serious security crisis in decades – REUTERS
  • An NGO reports Islamic State jihadists have executed more than 160 soldiers in Syria – AFP

Amanda Knox

World news about “Amanda Knox” published by euronews.

31/01 13:17 CET

‘We might never know the truth’ – Kercher family react after Knox appeal verdict

‘We might never know the truth’ – Kercher family react after Knox appeal verdict

Rafaelle Sollecheto has been picked up by police in an Italian hotel close to the Slovenian-Austrian border. He has had his passport confiscated. A travel ban was imposed on the Italian by the court of appeal after it reinstated guilty verdicts on him and Amanda Knox for the…