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  • U.S. Reporter Simon Ostrovsky released by militants in Eastern Ukraine - Employer Vice news
  • Netanyahu tells NBC will never negotiate with Palestinian Govt “backed by terrorist organization“ committed to Israel’s destruction
  • Ukraine’s acting president Turchinov calls on Russia to pull troops back from their border and end its “blackmail”, reports Reuters
  • Ukraine’s acting president demands Russia pulls back troops from border and stops ‘blackmail’, reports Reuters

Food for fish

World news about “Food for fish” published by euronews.

INNOVATION | 01/08 21:13 CET

Fresh fish supper

Fresh fish supper

Farmed fish have a fresh list of ingredients on the menu. In the past, aquaculture relied on larger fish eating the remains of smaller ones. But the ocean's resources are under pressure, so a new fish food recipe has been formulated by scientists. It is based on common crops…

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