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  • Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says the situation in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine is difficult but controllable (Interfax). A Ukrainian military spokesman added that Ukrainian forces have enough troops to stop Mariupol being seized – REUTERS
  • The UN says 43 peacekeepers in Golan Heights were detained by an armed group in Syria on Thursday. The UN is working for their release – REUTERS
  • Russia’s foreign ministry says sanctions imposed on the country by Switzerland are unfounded and are copying unfriendly steps by the US and EU – REUTERS
  • US President Barack Obama is to meet the National Security team at the White House on Thursday to discuss Islamic State, Iraq and Syria – WHITE HOUSE OFFICIAL
  • Poland’s Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski calls Russia’s movements in Ukraine “aggression”, says this is the most serious security crisis in decades – REUTERS
  • An NGO reports Islamic State jihadists have executed more than 160 soldiers in Syria – AFP


World news about “Genetics” published by euronews.

02/08 16:05 CET

Surrogate mother pledges to care for abandoned Down’s baby

Surrogate mother pledges to care for abandoned Down’s baby

A six-month-old baby called Gammy has been left in the arms of his surrogate mother in Thailand, after his natural parents, an Australian couple, reportedly abandoned him. The pair are said to have only adopted his healthier twin sister, having initially asked the surrogate…