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  • U.S. Reporter Simon Ostrovsky released by militants in Eastern Ukraine - Employer Vice news
  • Netanyahu tells NBC will never negotiate with Palestinian Govt “backed by terrorist organization“ committed to Israel’s destruction
  • Ukraine’s acting president Turchinov calls on Russia to pull troops back from their border and end its “blackmail”, reports Reuters
  • Ukraine’s acting president demands Russia pulls back troops from border and stops ‘blackmail’, reports Reuters


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17/05 17:31 CET

Georgia: clashes on International Day Against Homophobia

Georgia: clashes on International Day Against Homophobia

In Georgia, a rally for International Day Against Homophobia has been dramatically bombarded by priests and thousands of anti-gay protesters. Wearing religious and national dress, they marched into a square in central Tbilisi chanting nationalistic slogans. Their motivation…

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